Your Perfect Companion for Learning, Teaching, and Loving Typography

"Anyone who loves books, words, history, or fine art — even in the slightest bit — will find Typography Insight as intoxicating as Wikipedia and as fun as a video game." - Fast Company

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Type Inspector

Observe the detail shapes of typefaces such as serif, counter and ear in very large scale


Learn about type size measurement

Historical Typefaces

Understand different characteristics of historically important typefaces

Overlayed Comparison

Compare two typefaces by overlaying on top of each other

Juxtaposed Comparison

Understand the detail differences between the typefaces with side by side comparison

Typeface Anatomy

Learn basic terminologies and elements of typefaces This will help you understand typography


Compare ascender or descender area of typefaces

Type Setting

Learn about basic elements of type setting

Kerning Practice

Train your eyes for good letter spacing

  • "I have had this app for a while now, and I always found it really useful aid for teaching.Typography and all the details and classification of type, can be a dry subject and a dry, empty ditch blocking the way to learning for many young people and students. This app, helps to bridge that gap by making the subject come alive.What I like best of all, is the way that it uses the qualities and capabilities of the device to bring the subject to life. Books look great, but often books on Typography get left on the shelves. With this app I can project to a room full of students and show them right in front of their eyes what's going on. Its live and its interactive and it's really useful. Great price too."

  • "This is a great application for those who are interested in the study of Typography. The app title is a perfect description as you can gain insight into the study of Typography with a learning basics section, a section on the main examples of fonts and styles used in our everyday life, and even learn directly with practice activities contained inside. The design itself is a compliment to the application as you can easily navigate the clear white interface that allows you to hone in on the visuals presented without any external visual noise getting in your way."

  • "As an aspiring typographer myself, I find this app extremely useful. Not only does it have references, complete access to Adobe Typekit, and 3 categories of information, but there are practice activities where you can get better at kerning, measuring, comparing, etc. I would highly recommend this to anybody interested in Typography."

  • "I'm just getting started with typography and with the book I'm reading, I've found this app to be really useful as a handy reference."

  • "I've been working with desktop publishing type for pushing 30 years now, and this app gave me an insight into how to compare typefaces systematically that I would never have thought otherwise. It's great!"